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who are we?

In 2003, Mayan Green Coffee owner, Carlos Arias, began working as a green coffee buyer with a company called "Grains & Ancillary Coffee," in Chiapas, southern Mexico.

Here, he developed a keen sense for distinguishing a quality bean, and forged long lasting relationships with producers in the region. Getting to know hundreds of producers of coffee, cacao, mango, banana, pineapple, papaya, tomato, and corn, among many others.

It was here that he first got the idea of eventually starting his own trading company. One that would bring these quality products to foreign markets, and help the farming communities of his home country.

In 2011, he opened Cafe Maya in Mazatlan, Mexico. A small cafe, selling specialty coffee from the highlands of Chiapas. Here he got to see the coffee industry from another side.

In 2015, his love for his wife and his love for coffee brought him to Vancouver Island, Canada. It was here, that he would be able to realize his dream. In January 2016, Mayan Green Coffee Imports was born.

We have also extended our horizons past coffee and are currently offering various dried and fresh fruits and hope to soon add chocolate to our selection.

We hope to serve you The best way we can